WISP is a back to basics fun chic knitwear label that offers their cool styles in kit form too. We pride ourselves in being honest and engaged in the process of the manufacture of our garments and we want to share our community spirit with our customers.

Socially Responsible


WISP is a socially engaged company. We provide an arena for women to gain or use skills, giving them a second chance during or after social rehabilitation or rural isolation. All the women in our knitting circles are proud to be part of this adventure, meet regularly to chat and work together, the more experienced knitters helping the beginners. A social network – in the real sense of the phrase – is created, in which everyone benefits.

Every piece is made individually, each knitter taking her time. Everything on our site is hand knit in locally sourced merino wool


Founder & CEO


Irish born and Paris based Catriona Merry has returned to her roots in creating WISP. After over 15 years designing for french couture and fashion houses she has cast herself back to some handknit moments of her 70s and 80s upbringing. Never compromising on quality and without falling into the nostalgia trap she creates styles for WISP that are as at home on concrete pavements of cities as on windy cliffs overlooking the Atlantic.